See the language!

A group of people from the back are looking at something, instead an asian girl look back to the camera and she is about to take a pictures herself with her mobile.


is an e-learning language project aiming at designing and sharing lessons based on visual resources such as 

  • movies 
  • TV series 
  • commercial 
  • photographs 
It is part of the site, which is a photo & travel blog created by the idea of picturing places, the cities of the world, through the images of their cityscapes and their voices, imagining them as people. 

They would speak English to be understood as of course they would naturally speak different languages. Both the connections between travel & English and between travel & photography underpin this language project.   

Vidioma is very young idea but it would like to become a community: a place where teachers and students may be able share material and visions on how to make English language acquisition always more engaging, effective, easier and faster.